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Tango tango … ”the Rolls Royce of the salongdances”, as long as I have heard about it.
First time I tried was as a 13-year boy in the local danceschool where my Daddy put me. I remember we did a little bit of tango mixed in with the Foxtrot and the waltz during these turbulent teenage-years, but it would take most of my lifetime before I took the tango to my heart.

But back then … Foxtrot, disco, dancing on skis … the years were rolling by. And in the 80-ties I took up Qigong and Taichi. Later the salsa came into my life, and after the Milleniumshift, having moved to Andalucia in southern Spain, I fell in love with the Flamenco and Sevillanas. Back up north after three years in the sun, I finally allowed myself to become absorbed by the tango.



During a number of years I was almost ”obsessed”…… travelling from festival to festival, attending an endless line of workshops for different teachers. Some of them from our country Sweden, but also many others … great teachers visiting Europe doing their worldwide tours.

Hungry for knowledge and understanding of the magic dance I had found, I also went for a longer visit to the Mekka of  tango, Buenos Aires, in the autumn of  year 2012.


Earlier in life, in the end of the 90-ties, after many years working as a skiteacher, I founded my own skiconcept, which I called ”Zenskii”, conscious and Mindful skiing ( see www.zenskii.com ). A lot of this pedagogy I have actually just transferred over to the dancefloor. The core of the ”thinking” is : The quality of my performance comes down to what level of conciousness I am willing to ”put into it”. It does not matter if I am skiing, painting or dancing … or fighting ”sword”, like Tom Cruise is learning in the Last Samurai.

Of  course the technique, in whatever activity I choose, is very important, but the secret of being able to perform a performance full of quality, enjoyment and satisfaction, I personally think is one and the same …. the willingness to develop ones ability to be conciously present in the moment, instead of getting stuck in the mechanical and evaluating thoughts.
Conscious in step, in the embrace … in the movement.   

When I started the tango, I remember experience it a lot like doing ” Taichi to music”. I was absolutely fascinated and felt like I had ”come home”. Sometimes I have been close to giving it up, but haven’t been able too. The love for the dance AND for the very special and beautiful tangomusic, has helped me to keep on tango. Now, after 10 years, I am really grateful to myself for not giving it up ! ….. the journey will for sure go on, including doing my best in also guiding other people into this magic. My own little tangoschool, Tangoharmony, I am always ”carrying in my pocket”. Welcome to give me a call if you would like to dance with me !   Tel. 0046 (76) 801 81 98.

CV Peter Buchar :    Namnlös

* International skiinstructor, certified 1972  /  * Professional Freestyleskier in the Swedish team 1974-78 /  * International windsurfinginstructor, certified 1979  /   * Certified swedish masseur and Bodyharmony therapist 1985-1990 /  Qigong-instructor, certified 1990 /   * Life-coach and Mental trainer 1998-00  /  * Mindfulness-instructor since 2003, licensed by Dr Ola Schenström.

* Been practising Yoga and Meditation since the 70-ties, Qigong and Taichi since 1986. Mindfulness since 2000, with mainfocus on the method called ”Vipassana”, which is the origin of Mindfulness. Peter has completed three 10-days ”Vipassana-retreats in total silence” at the center Dhamma Neru in northern Spain. I Sweden he has studied Mindfulness for, among others, Dr Ola Schenström, and has been running his own heathclinics in Gothenburg (1986-93), Stockholm (1997-99), and Almunecar, Spain (2001-03).
Peter is the founder of the skischool-concepts TaiSki and Zenskii, (www.zenskii.com) and has been coaching Argentine tango in his school Tangoharmony (mindful tango) since 2013. Oilpainting exhibiting artist since 2004 . (www.peterbuchar.com) .