Welcome to ”tango/Parkinson” … the concept based on traditionel Argentine tango, Qigong and Mindfulness.
The main focus of this concept, which is also a very exciting and meaningful project, is to increase the lifequality for persons diagnosed with Parkinson. My hope is that the stressreducing tools mentioned above, the ones I have been working with since the 80-ties, will also eventually help people struggling with this so very complexed disease.

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Mindfulness :  Sitting or lying Mindfulness-meditation is a type of Mental training, which calmes the thoughts, inner stress, worries, etcetera. The method is simple and has shown to be very effective. It develops the ability to relax different bodyparts, and also help many people to sleep better.

Qigong : Very old Chinese exercises are increasing balance, giving strengh to legs, and is often rapported to decrease ”the fear of falling”.

Tango : We are moving our bodies slowly to the tunes of old Argentine folkmusic from the 20-ties, 30-ties and the 40-ties. Listening attentively to the music, and with help from the person one ”is holding”, we are taking small steps in different directions. The tango is influencing the posture positively, and create joy and peace inside.

Background ; 
Year 2011 I was invited by a local Parkinson-association in Sweden to participate at their yearly healthweek in the mountains. My father was there, participating. He had become diagnosed with Parkinson the year before and I had during a couple of occacions tested my theories on him. First he was quite sceptical, but soon he became an entusiastic supporter of mine. The week in the mountainhotel with Daddy and around 70 other people, was the ”take off” for my project!
For some years, I went back to that specific healthweek.  and also saw Parkinsons-groups in other parts of Sweden. Finally I ended up in the city of Östersund way up north. This is where I have spent a lot of time since 2015 working intensively with this project of mine, which I call ”tango/Parkinson”.

I offer seminars, demos or ”trying-tango”-classes for persons with Parkinson and other neurological diseases. Alone or together with a spouse or friend.
Please contact me via mail or phone 0045 (76) 801 81 98 (”see contact”) , if you wish me to visit your association or group. Or if you would like more information.
Also see articles in the Swedish Parkinson-journal, nr 4/2011 and nr 1/2014.

”To learn the basics of Argentine tango may give deep experiences at several levels, and absolutely contribute to better health. When learning to create inner harmony and sensual experiences in the encounter with ones own body and the very special and emotional music.
Dancing Argentine tango creates better balance, and develops better posture. The tango becomes a sort of ”moving meditation”, which helps the body and mind to relax into the present moment”.