Tangoharmoni … vad betyder det ?
av Peter Buchar

Många av oss har fått lära sig att tro på att ju mer vi gör, desto bättre är vi. Ju bättre vi är …. ju bättre ”vi gör det”, desto bättre blir resultatet.

Men i tangons värld är detta inte nödvändigtvis en sanning. Här är det faktiskt ibland precis tvärtom. Vi lär oss sakta ner, att göra mindre. Att tänka kvalite istället för kvantitet.

 ”tangoharmony”, oljemålning av Peter Buchar

I tangon rör vi oss, dansar vi ….. ETT STEG I TAGET. Vi tänker kvalitet, vi försöker fokusera på kvalitet, i varje steg !

We do our best to perform each step so it feels as enjoyable, pleasant and sensual as possible, and we keep our attention on our senses and on the music.
I personally like to imagine planting the orchestra in my chest, to really feel it within, and letting the vibrations guide my moves.

Many times I have heard in the teachings from the East; ”the experience of the movement in the body is more important then doing the movement correctly”. I have tried to color my life, my skiing and my tango … and my own teaching, with these same attitudes, because I like them very much, and find them very rewardable.


So, if I first create peace and harmony within myself, my partner will take part of this, she will feel it !

Inside — outside, Mindful tango.
If I first create peace and harmony inside, my partner will feel this. So we learn to create a sort of stillness inside. This is where the awareness is coming in. It can not be done without listening inside my own body.

For example; I could create a sensual enjoyment of my own smooth step, really loving my step … appreciating my step. Or I could create a loving relation to the music being played. It does not matter …. main thing is that I am enjoying my own dance!
The outcome, my feelings, will help me to create a dance with high quality, and these feelings will also be enjoyed by my partner and other dancers around the room!

In this process I have to be very attentive on how my thoughts ”are going”. If I allow judgemental and evaluating thoughts to occupy my mind, inner harmony to share with my partner will be far away. No inside harmony … no outside harmony.

The main key is connecting to our senses and to our breathing. I personally think that we should try more to really enjoy our own vibrating and sensual body! The more we enjoy our body moving the more alive we will be.

When I am struggling with the technique, wanting to learn more and more and more,  my inner disharmoni might sometimes be quite strong.
But we can learn to let the inner harmony unfold. By slowing down, connecting to our senses, and enjoying the process of learning! The technique will land there in the body, in time.

Beyond the thought and the evaluation there is an effortlessness hidden. This is often called ”FLOW”. We normally like to express it in words, as though it is ”happening by it self”, but with focus, curisosity and discipline we can learn to create this flow whenever we want !

One step at a time, in presence, with highest quality possible … trying to be aware of that we always share ourselves with our partner, question only is; do I share my harmony or disharmony?

Buchar-evening romance
”evening romance” , oilpainting by Peter Buchar

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