Tangoharmony …feelings and magic connection !


Argentine tango, sensual and passionate. Exciting, almost mystic.

I first fell in love with the music, and the beauty ….but there was also all this talk about stillness.
Stillness? …for me this was new ; while dancing tango, I was allowed, even encouraged, to make pauses while dancing. To create a feeling of stillness, and then bring out into the steps.
Stillness while walking … this I loved !

It was absolutely not easy to begin with. When stopping dancing, one feels ”like an idiot” ….  Myself I was so used to ”just keep on moving”, doing my steps, leading the lady, etecetera. But I tried my best, and slowly new sensations started to enrich my dance.

Bit by bit I was experiencing new aspects of connecting with a partner and with the music. I noticed I was more present, it was very enjoyable, for me it was sensational, and I was hooked !
I opened my heart completely for the tango, and left all the other dances to history. (see ”my tangojourney”). I dove into a passionate urge to learn as much as possible, and soon I also felt I wanted to share this magic process with others.
Some years after I founded ”Tangoharmony”, my own little danceschool, built on the mix of Tango, Qigong and Mindfulness.


The excercises from the East have been an important part of my life long before the Tango came in, and I now found them to ”marry” perfectly with the tango. I realized that just a little bit of this training can help us to create extra sensitivity to support our dance.
An increased level of bodyawareness may also help us to receive, absorb and understand the special tangotechnique, which  now and then can be quite challenging.

If you have already found ”your dance”, maybe you dance Fox or Lindy or Blues, you could, with the basics of tango, color your personal dance with the presence, posture and elegance of the tango.

Welcome to Tangoharmony ! 

Peter Buchar- Tangocamp 2014      /  Peter Buchar